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Women's History Month
In March we invite you and your students to participate in a series of events dedicated to the Women's History Month. It is a wonderful opportunity to meet peers from other countries, practice speaking and listening skills and learn more about the World that we live in!

Moderated Discussions
Join students from around the world for 60 min live discussions moderated by our friendly hosts.
  • Women in Space
    March 10 | 11 am CET
    Women are playing a larger role in space exploration than many people realize. In this discussion we will highlight women's contributions to the space missions!
  • Women in Sports
    March 24 | 1 pm CET

    In this discussion we will talk about the most influential women in sports. We will also debate whether there are gender-specific sports (soccer and bodybuilding) and what are the implications.
  • Women in Science
    March 17 | 5 pm CET
    One of the reasons girls are less likely to become scientists than boys is that they don't see many women in the sciences. To remedy this, we need role models. This discussion is a tribute to some of the great women scientists.
  • Most Powerful Women
    March 31 | 6 pm CET

    Let's debate who played the biggest role in society in recent history! Students will learn about 5 most powerful thought leaders and express their ideas on what makes them so influential.
Virtual Field Trips
Learning has never been so much fun!
Our Live Virtual Tours are hosted by professional guides! Students are encouraged to interact with the host and ask questions!
Students around the world are invited to take part in an extraordinary learning experience!
1 x 60 min Moderated Discussion
1 Virtual Field Trip
Up to 20 students
4 x 60 min Moderated Discussions
4 Virtual field trips
Up to 20 students
4 x 60 min Moderated Discussions
4 Virtual field trips
Unlimited number of participants