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15 May / Tuesday
10:00 –17:00
Free webinar for Language School Owners and Principals
You will learn how to MAXIMIZE PROFIT of your language centre and give your school Global connection

About this event
In today's world, language schools open every week. But how do you stand out from the competition? At the webinar, we will talk about the ways of attracting clients and increasing income for your school.
Webinar is for...
  • School and language center owners and principals
About the webinar
We work hard every day to make life of our clients better and happier
  • Become part of the global community
    Foster global citizenship with Digital Penpals for each students, Collaboration with educators from 150+ countries.
  • Increase income
    Learn how to rase your average check and boost your business.
  • Introduce modern teaching methods
    Find out what modern tools are available for teaching, let your students explore the world through Virtual Field Trips.
  • Stand out among competitors
    Get the tool that highlights your advantages among competitors.
  • Stand out among competitors
    Become a leader in the field of language learning.
  • Retain clients
    Spark curiosity and improve engagement of every student
Meet our Speakers
  • Natalia Bout
    СEO and founder of iDialogue

    In 2013 founded UbuntuMail, an offline social network that connected more than 80,000 students from radically different cultural backgrounds to share stories and create community projects.

    In 2018 the project transformed into a community-centred remote learning ecosystem iDialogue that effectively supports virtual learning environments and empowers students from 150 countries through collaborative STEM education, cross-cultural communication, and language practice.
  • Despina Mallidou
    An R.S.A. Dip. holder , a Master's Degree in NLP in Education and an MSc in Positive Psychology.

    The human trigger of the GrammArt Project. Despina is a fully qualified and trained English Teacher and Teacher trainer. She has over twenty-seven years of experience in the field of English teaching.

    Founder of POSITIVE 4 You Educating Happy people PROJECT.

What will you learn at the webinar?
  • How to increase the average check
    We'll tell you how to increase your average bill by using cross-cultural exchange programs.
  • How to survive among competitors
    An innovative approach, new English programs, and practices are what will set you apart from the competition.
  • How to motivate and engage students
    You will find out what modern teaching methods increase customer loyalty and the desire to keep going.
  • How to become part of an international project
    You will get a unique opportunity get global recognition and expend your client base.
Special 900$ bonus for all participants!
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15 May, Tuesday | 5 PM